The Soutache Jewellery: what is it? Its history

What is Soutache Jewellery? it’s a store online dedicated to selling the Jewels created with this particular and specific technique.

Let’s make a little history: Soutache is a french term used for the first time in the nineteenth century and comes from the Seventeenth Hungarian word “sutàsz”, which means “ornamental braid”.

The Sujtás, in fact, were originally born as trimmings made of thin strips of silk or viscose used in various colors woven in a herringbone pattern, flat or round.

These trimmings sewn to each other around pearls and stones of all shapes and sizes, give rise to rich jewels and elaborate real works of art, embroidered entirely by hand.

This technique is quite old and probably brings us to east of Europe, more precisely to Russia and Poland, becoming then a craft tradition that has produced beautiful jewelry over time, very rich and elaborate in details. It originates from traditional fastenings on the military tunics and decorations of the Tsars’ clothes.

Used for decoration of clothes, upholstery and curtains quickly it became the hierarchical degrees on military uniforms sewing technique of Eastern armies.

In our times, the technique of Soutaches art has been revived by some Polish and Russian artists, which have re-interpreted the method by applying it to the creation of beautiful costume jewellery.

The Italian handcrafts have imported this unusual technique of intricate work from East Europe, making it their own by improving it with creativity, originality, authenticity and professionalism as typical for the Italian craftsmanship.

Our Italian handcrafts are manufacturing absolutely unique objects, strictly handmade, living up with the worldwide renown reputation of bearing the highest skills.