Have you seen the Soutache jewels in our online store and now you want to know something more about us and who’s Soutache Jewellery? I’m here just to do it. It’s a pleasure to explain you that behind a screen there are people, just like you!

You should have to spend only few minutes, enough to read these little lines. So you will have the chance to know us, to know what and how we do. You will be able to get confidence in us, and you will get curious to know more, to see more, and maybe, you will give a look at our online store.

We aim to sell online handcrafted jewels, entirely handmade with the Soutache technique by Italian craftsmen.

You may be wondering and you ask yourself why selling products made by Italian artisans with a non-original Italian technique?

The answer is simple: the flair, the ability, the creativity typical of the Italian craftsmen, can express themself very well through this technique. The volutes of the Soutache have been enriched by the Mediterranean colours and passion, and these efforts combined have as result, products with a very high level of accuracy with a touch of Italian originality, which distinguishes these jewels from the other ones manufactured in other European countries.

Through a market survey, we have observed that these products are appreciated in both Italy and all over Europe. We have been inspired by this result to give to our online shop an European approach, and to give to all, the chance to catch one of these little “masterpiece”.

This is the reason for which we have used the English as communication language.

In the future we would like to increase the number of languages on our website.

Soutache Jewellery: the team

The Soutache Jewellery team comprises two people: Paola and Vincenzo.

Paola NicolafrancescoPaola

Blogger and copywriter. She writes in Italian, English, German and French; she is responsible for the preparation and translation of texts. She pays a specific attention to the product descriptions and to their reviews within the blog, in which we would like hearing your comments.



Vincenzo Arena - Soutache Jewellery TeamVincenzo

Expert in web marketing, Google Certified Partner, with a passion for WordPress and WooCommerce. He deals with all the practical features and applications, that allow Soutache Jewellery to operate and to be visible in the results pages of search engines, with a special regard to Google.


Now, we have identified a collection of jewels made by an Italian lady with a remarkable talent in soutache technique. She lives in Rome, our city. We asked her to sell her products, and she agreed. So, we have gotten to work on, and we have realized Soutache Jewellery: our online Jewellery.

But we are looking for other craftswomen likewise expert and capable in this technique, and shortly our “shop window” will increase in attractions.

Stay in touch with us: unexpected things will arrive!