Soutache Charm Ancient Rome with white agate


Soutache Charm Ancient Rome with white agate

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The charm Ancient Rome with white agate consists of many white agate beads of different sizes that surround and light up the central white agate cabochon. To make the central pearl brighter other small half crystal translucent white beads are stitched all around together.

The little charm ring is silver 925.

Length: 7 cm

Width: central max 5.5 cm

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The Soutache charm Ancient Rome with white agate is realized completely with the hand-made soutache technique.

The soutache charm Ancient Rome is a part of the various jewels that made up the collection Ancient Rome.

Soutache charm Ancient Rome with white agate as Soutache fashion

The soutache charm Ancient Rome with white agate is one of the components of the line Ancient Rome with soutache (trimmings) white and gold as the robes of ancient Rome women tunics, with their belts, embellishments and jewels.

The charm ancient Rome is completely handmade and consist in a white central white agate cabochon-cut pearl surrounded by smaller pearls. The manufacturing around the white agate big pearl twists and turns in various harmonious and round forms.

The soft but important shape makes the charm suitable for every outfit: formal or less formal dress.

Even for a wedding ceremony…..I mean the principal character in a wedding: the bride.

In fact the whole collection Ancient Rome for his whiteness and brightness, is ideal for simple and radiant bride, who relies on his style and personality.

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Ancient Rome Soutache Jewels

Ancient Rome Soutache Jewels


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